A Perfect Family Weekend in Dongwe Ocean View

A Perfect Family Weekend in Dongwe Ocean View

To many people a family is a treasured part of their lives and other than providing the necessities like shelter and food, they will go out of their way to throw in a luxury vacation once in a while because venturing out and sampling the better perks in life adds to their comforts and sense of well-being. This is the reason a family weekend at the Dongwe Ocean View Hotel on the shores of Zanzibar is the perfect vacation experience.

Dongwe Ocean View is a private beach hotel perched on the southerly tip of Unguja, Zanzibar’s main island. The hotel welcomes both residents and tourists warmly so if your family is looking for relaxation and comfort, they offer this and more. For a start, they pick your family from the airport with their shuttle bus to save your family the noise and hustle that characterize the streets of Stone Town.

Luxury rooms

Once you arrive, you’re welcomed with a drink after pleasantries are exchanged you are lead to one of the luxury suites. Other porters will come in tow carrying your luggage. All the rooms face the vast Indian Ocean and feature a balcony and you can get cool breeze that flows directly to your room. Below your balcony, there is a lovely flower garden that extends all the way to the beach.

The Hotel Manager provides a hearty and official welcome giving you a brief run-down of affairs at Dongwe.  If you show interest, he’ll also give you a history of Zanzibar, life in Stone Town, water sports at Dongwe and the fantastic spice tour.

If you want to relax you can watch the many channels available on TV. Your kids can switch on their iPhones and Ipads and access the free WiFi provided by the hotel.

Incredible food

When hunger pangs strike, you can stroll to the spacious open-air hotel restaurant and bar that overlooks the Indian Ocean and sample Dongwe’s incredible food.  All the meals whether breakfast, lunch, and supper are delivered buffet-style.

If you want to sample other types of food or if you want to head to some other restaurant you can try, The Rock. This is one of a kind restaurant, you cannot find another restaurant like it because it sits in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and you guessed it, on a rock. The cuisine is great and the food is made using fresh catch from the Ocean. You can get great views of the ocean as you dine. The restaurant has been featured in many magazines and programmes. The management of Dongwe also own the restaurant, so get your reservations early at Dongwe.


Dongwe Ocean View is more than a weekend escapade. Your family will have the time of their life with the incredible water sports offered here. Its water sports programme is abundantly packed with a vast selection of activities giving hotel guests the perfect opportunity to enjoy their favourite sport. These are:

  • Diving
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Kite-surfing
  • Scuba diving and
  • Fishing