Adventures Activities in Zanzibar

Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean, white sandy beaches, and a coastal relaxing
feel with amazingly friendly and hospitable people, Zanzibar is known the world over as a pristine
location for a holiday.

And it is for everyone, whether you prefer to laze around and enjoy the sun and scenery or prefer to
take in the surrounding sights from nature walks in the jungle to take in the sweet smells of the spice

There is a lot of adventure activities to partake in. Let’s discover more.

1. Go to the jungle

What a great way to combine a beach experience with a nature trail, wouldn’t you agree? At Jozani
forest you can hire a guided tour through the mangrove forest.
Take your camera with you as you stand a chance to see some incredibly rare animal species such as the
red colobus. While they naturally prefer to stay away from humans, the red colobus monkeys here are
already accustomed to seeing tourists and will not be camera shy.
There are also plenty of birds and butterflies.
Zanzibar is known to have a rare big cat prowling the forest floors. The Zanzibar leopard was considered
extinct due to human persecution as the locals believe it was sent to destroy the inhabitants of the
island by witches.
However recent research discovered the presence of the leopards. While spotting them is incredibly
rare you might be one of the lucky few to actually spot one.

2. Take in the smells of the spice plantations

Head off to the spice plantations and see firsthand how some of the world’s most loved spices are
This is an experience unlike any other where visitors not only get to smell and touch the different spices
such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves, but you also get to enjoy locally prepared cuisine from the
The spice tour is as educative as it is delicious.

3. Hit the water

Well, let’s face it, you are at a tropical ocean destination because you love the water. There is plenty to
do around the coast of Zanzibar. Take a boat and discover the various white sandy beaches. You can also
take part in diving, snorkeling or fishing.
The locals have sailed the coasts of Zanzibar on traditional dhows for hundreds of years. You can rent
one of these dhows and enjoy a cruise across the beaches as you take time off on isolated locations to
bask in the sun.

4. Zanzibar Town

Also known as Stone Town, it offers a chance to interact with the locals as you crisscross the labyrinth of
narrow streets.
You will learn a bit of history about Zanzibar town as a British protectorate, and a slave port.