Beautiful Sunrise in Zanzibar

Beautiful Sunrise in Zanzibar

It is often said that the sunrise in Zanzibar is the best in the world and I think many travellers agree to this. Maybe it is because the archipelago is so diverse, the shores filled with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters that create the chemistry that produce such stunning colours at dawn.

People visiting Zanzibar for the first time often seem fascinated with the beautiful breaks of dawn. And frankly, they are incredibly photogenic. You can watch the sun emerging out of the ocean and you feel exhilarated. It is the time of day when everyone wakes up and it is always a new beginning. If you are romantic in your soul, the Zanzibar daybreak can bring joy into your life. It doesn’t cost a dime to watch the sun come up. You could be strolling at the beach, sitting at your hotel porch drinking coffee or holding hands with your loved one, or if you live alone watch the sunrise in solitude.

Get out at dawn

So this is what you experience on the shores of Zanzibar if you get out at dawn to watch the beautiful sunrise:

  • Grandeur:

The sun carries such magnificent energy. Look up at dawn and witness the beauty on the horizon. Notice the subtle changes as it crawls upwards illuminating everything in its path.

  • Peace:

At dawn, the Zanzibari sunrise permeates your being and brings peace to your soul.

  • Beauty:

There is beauty every place the rays of the sun touches at dawn, but many never seem to notice. When you start to appreciate the small things, your life takes on a brighter hue. You will find joy in the minor details.

  • Gratitude:

The Zanzibari sunrise makes you feel grateful for another day.  Many people die in their sleep so being thankful for just waking up shifts your perspective. You stop taking things for granted and each dawn becomes a beautiful gift.

  • Healing: The early Zanzibar sunshine can recharge you. The sun rays are required by the body for optimum health. It also stimulates the promotion of melanin and aids in metabolism.
  • Nervous system:

Sunlight is right for your nervous system. Not getting enough sunlight is now linked to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. Exposure to sunshine reduces anxiety.

There are sunrise tours that are undertaken in Zanzibar. You can ask your hotel to arrange one for you and most hotels offer these services. You will be taken in a dhow in the ocean and sitting in the middle of the ocean you can view the sun rising up slowly. It is a great time to photograph the sun as well as take selfies of yourself and with your beloved ones. If you are lucky you can also view dolphins in the ocean. The birds will also start to come out at dawn and they are a pleasant sight and when you view them with the sun rising in the background you cannot stop marvelling at God’s creation.

So in your next visit to Zanzibar, make a point to wake up at dawn and marvel at the beautiful sunrise in Zanzibar.