Best Locations for Kite-surfing in Zanzibar


Best Locations for Kite-surfing in Zanzibar

When it comes to kite-surfing, the island of Zanzibar is an internationally recognized destination, but surprisingly no big crowds are to be found at its locations.

If you’re searching for the best locations for kite-surfing on the island, then you’ve come to the right place. In recent years, the island has become a considerable magnet as one of the leading worldwide sites for kite-surfing. With its large and shallow lagoons, and reliable winds that power the surfs, the islands surfing experience is like no other. Here are some of the best locations for kite-surfing:

  1. Matemwe

Matemwe is one of the leading surfing sites. Located on the north-eastern coast of the island, it offers a wide variety of marine activities that include deep sea diving, sailing, and kayaking.

  1. Paje

This is arguably the best kite-surfing destination on the island. It features a broad beach compared to other destinations around the world. With a vast expanse of sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and lagoon, you’ll find that this spot tops when it comes to water sports.

  1. Kiwengwa

Another popular kite-surfing destination is Kiwengwa. Located to the north-eastern coast of the island, Kiwengwa is covered with white sandy beaches and coral reefs that combine to embrace the calm sea. And the spot attracts powerful winds that propel the kites offering an unforgettable kiting experience.

  1. Nungwi

Nungwi beach offers excellent conditions for kite-surfing from mid-December to around March each year. In the afternoon, winds can reach up to 25 knots creating the ideal conditions for a long, uninterrupted ride across the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

  1. Breezes club

You’ll love kite surfing at Breezes club. They offer incredible on-site kite-surfing situated along a pristine and untouched beach. There is no better place to experience the magical island of Zanzibar.  Available for everyone, kite-surfing at Breeze is a favourite for residents.

  1. Surfescape

Located at Pwani Mchangani in Zanzibar east coast, Surfescape is a luxury sports centre managed by Surfescape. It overlooks an enormous lagoon that separates the reef and open sea. They teach kite-surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling and stand up paddling.

  1. Jambiani

This is the only VDWS Center on Zanzibar. It is located to the east coast of the island at Red Monkey Lodge, and they offer perfect conditions for both novice and professional kite-surfers. Their large deep lagoon provides ideal conditions for all enthusiasts. It is surrounded by a reef.

Since kite surfing has caught the fancy of tourist to the island you can find that all the hotels provide assistance to would be kite surfers as well as experienced kite surfers. Kits for kite surfing can be arranged by the hotel staff, you need to contact them. If you are a newbie there are coaches available who will help you to take your first baby steps learning this sport. There are many places along the beaches where you can get equipment on rent as well as coaches to teach you.