Coral Parks in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is home to some of the most stunning and beautiful corals in the world. Such natural beauty
should be safeguarded for future generations and it comes as no surprise that Zanzibar’s coral parks are
under conservation.

Chumbe Island Coral Park

One of the most striking coral parks to be found off the coast of Zanzibar is the Chumbe Island coral
park. This park was formed back in 1991 for the protection and conservation of the uninhabited island of
Chumbe and its surrounding marine habitats.

Chumbe island coral park also includes a forest that contains diverse and rare species of wildlife but its
most well-known attraction are the coral reefs. Visitors can enjoy nature walks and look forward to a
scuba diving experience where they can explore the reef in all its magical beauty.

The operations of the Chumbe Island coral park are not commercial but visitors should follow a strict
guideline during their stay in order to strike the right balance between a holiday destination and the
conservation efforts.

Here ecotourism blends seamlessly with research while still providing educational tours for the local
schools. And that is not all, the local community also benefits from the park.

Santa Maria Coral Park

The Santa Maria Coral Park is well situated in Zanzibar among pristine scenery, white sandy beaches,
and beautiful coconut trees. It is a perfect retreat next to the blue Indian ocean providing a haven for
pleasure and relaxation.

The park is situated in Pongwe along the east coast of Zanzibar. Visitors can enjoy an unforgettable
experience and sleep in one of the single or double rooms.

This coastal resort serves its visitors’ both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including fresh mango,
pineapple and passion fruit juice in their bar and restaurant. There is also a delicious menu and seafood
to look forward to such as crabs, lobsters and barbecue fish.

But Santa Maria coral park’s main attraction is the coral reefs that offer spectacular places for snorkeling
and diving. The huge variety of marine life around the coral reefs is simply stunning and visitors will have
their fill of the coral gardens with colorful fish of all shapes and sizes.

The coral reef is by no means small and there are diving places that are still undiscovered.
And if you want to maximize on your stay at the Santa Maria Coral Park, you can rent a boat from the
local villagers and go fishing or snorkeling.

With the coral park located so close to Unguja or Zanzibar town, you can also make the visit and
experience the narrow streets and corridors of Stone Town. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and very
much worth the trip.