Swahili Culture Trip On Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar is a great tourist destination. Many people visit the island to enjoy in the sandy beaches or
to take part in many activities like snorkelling, diving, kite surfing etc and usually tend to have a good
time. Many people like to know about the culture of the island, the language and the like but they
do not know that there are Swahili culture trips which will help them learn about the culture.
The word ‘swahili’ means ‘the coast’ in Arabic.

Essentially a Bantu language, it is a mix of several
languages, providing testament to the region’s history. The Swahili culture is made up of many
factors such as their music, the dance forms, the arts and the games that they have been playing for
centuries. When you go on a culture trip or cultural tour as it is also called you will be able to
interact with the locals and understand their culture.
A Swahili culture trip usually takes a minimum of 4-5 hours, so you need to spend at least half a day
to understand the Swahili culture.

A guide will usually take you around to a village where the Swahili people will be living and undertaking their daily actions. Here you will be able to view women taking pride in weaving baskets in the traditional method, you will also be able to view women grinding
millet so that they can make wonderful food for their families, you will also be able to view them making food using methods that have been passed down over generations. You can also view the women painting their hands and body with henna paste which is also a traditional custom passed down through the ages and you can also watch how they braid their hair as per their customs.
You can watch the men and even the boys climbing coconut trees and cutting coconuts for drinking. You can watch the men use traditional methods to weave the palm leaves so that they can be used as thatched roofs for their huts.

The men usually sit down after work and play a game that is known as Bao, it is a traditional game and can be even called the favourite leisure activity of locals in Zanzibar. You can also visit the banana plantations and try the local bananas as well as grilled banana a local delicacy. The Swahili culture trip helps the people of Zanzibar immensely and every tourist
should take part in this activity. Since Zanzibar is known as spice island and since spice is part of the culture of the island you should
head on a spice tour. You will be taken to a spice farm and you will be schooled on the various types
of spices, the way they are grown, the way they are harvested, the way they are packed etc. Once
you complete the tour the farm will provide you with sumptuous finger-licking fare made using the
very spices that the farm produces. Just for the food, you should go on this tour. Additionally, you
can select the spices that you want to take back with you after your holiday.