Tailor-Made Vacations To Dongwe Ocean View

Zanzibar is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world and there are many resorts and hotels
that offer tailor-made vacations. If you are planning to visit Zanzibar, then the southeastern coast
should be where you head to. Of the many places that you can stay, the one that stands out is
Dongwe Ocean View Hotel.
It is generally believed that people who stay at the Dongwe Ocean View Hotel almost always return
for an encore. The wonderful rooms with air conditioning and the wonderful panoramic views of the
The Indian Ocean are some of the reasons why people keep coming back. When you stay at Dongwe
Ocean View your vacation can be tailor-made to suit your preferences. There are many activities that
you can indulge in and there are places that you can tour, you can get a tailor-made vacation
program by consulting with the staff at Dongwe Ocean View or even looking on their website.

Given below are the activities and the tours you can opt for:

 Spice Tour – Zanzibar is also known as ‘Spice Island’. The place has been a leading port for
spices for centuries. Spices from India would land here before going further. Spices are also
grown here and there are many spice farms. When you go on a spice tour you will be taken
to a spice farm and you will witness how spices are grown and harvested. At the end of the
tour you will be treated to a fine meal using the spices, this is one of the prime reasons many
people opt for a spice tour. You can also buy spices for your home at these farms.

 Dolphin Tour – If you ask the hotel staff to arrange for a dolphin tour, they will arrange it.
You will be taken to Kizimkazi and from there you will go into the ocean and you can swim
with the dolphins. You should not touch the dolphins or frighten them in any way.

 Stone Town Tour – A tour of the main town in Zanzibar Stone Town is mandatory. It is a
UNESCO heritage site, so you will have a lot of things to do and view here. The town has a
museum where you can learn about the heritage and culture of the island.

 Prison Island Tour – As the name suggests the island used to be a prison where slaves were
kept before their onward journeys. Once slavery was abolished the island was converted as
a place to quarantine people with communicable diseases. Now the prison is in ruins but the
island is a natural conserve and is home to some of the biggest tortoises that you can find. If
you like tortoises or if you like to check out ruins then this is the best tour that you can opt

 Jozani Forest Tour – If you are a nature lover who loves to trek in forests, then a trip to
Jozani Forest is for you. The red colobus monkey can be found in this forest and you can
view it in its original habitat here.