Top Flea and Street Markets in Tanzania

Top Flea and Street Markets in Tanzania

Tanzania is famous for its malls, bazaars, and markets, but you might have more fun, get to sample the culture and perhaps grab a bargain at its quirky flea and street markets.

Tourists flock the flea markets around Arusha city for its famed Maasai souvenirs, but locals go there for another reason entirely:  to get a bargain at its second-hand clothes and other artefacts that would fetch a fortune in local shops. From Kariakoo in Dar es Salaam to Darajani in Zanzibar, everyone is busy hunting for a bargain as long as something is being offered in exchange for money. Be sure to come with local currency or the equivalent in USD as in many situations, they prefer USD since the Tanzania shilling fluctuates quite a lot. Here are the top flea and street markets in Tanzania:

  1.  Central Market Arusha

Nicknamed the heart of Arusha, the Central Market attracts traders, farmers, business people, tourists and almost everyone who can spare an hour or two to stroll around. All known merchandise is sold here, and large volumes of trade are conducted in a single day.

  1. Maasai Market Arusha

The Maasai market in central Arusha is famous for its souvenir and curio shops, precious stones stalls, clothing stalls, and art galleries. There is a vast and rich array of ornaments, antiques, and local crafts for any budget. You can buy high-end clothing, textiles, accessories, books, and even spices.

  1.  Kariakoo Market Dar es Salaam

Kariakoo market is located in the Ilala district of Dar es Salaam. The name is borrowed from a British Battalion, “Carrier Corps” that used to be stationed here during the Great War. Its extensive market spans several city blocks and contributes enormously to the Dar es Salaam economy in commodities, merchandise and foodstuffs.  Until recently it stationed the main transport terminal until it was trans located to Ubungo.

  1. Darajani Market Zanzibar

Situated just on the edge of the ancient streets of Stone Town, Darajani is the largest market in central Zanzibar. Though the stalls sprawl outside the main building, and throughout the surrounding streets, the original building was built in 1904.

Inside you’ll find vendors selling all manners of things right from clothing from China to electronics from Japan.

  1. Kivukoni Market Dar es Salaam

Visit Kivukoni Market in Dar es Salaam and witness first-hand how fish is traded. Early in the morning, boats unload their fresh catch, which fish trader’s auction, gut, and scale as you watch. The vast market features two main areas divided into eight zones. Kingfish, snapper, sardines, stingray, squid, shrimp are all snapped by waiting traders as they’re called out. As you prepare your travel itinerary to Tanzania, put Kivukoni market at the top. If you do not have a strong gut, you should stay away. But for those who love the smell and sound of fish then this is the place to be on a busy morning. There are many eateries around that cook the fresh catch and you will be able to eat a sumptuous seafood breakfast here.